Why requeen?

  • One of the main reasons bees swarm is the age of their queen. The Queen gives off a queen substance 9-oxo-2-decenoic acid (9-ODA).
  • A young queen under the age of two years old will lay far more eggs and therefor produce more worker bees to get you more honey.
  • If you keep your bees in your garden then it’s important to have gentle bees that don’t follow you when you’ve finished work with them. Bees4u queens are renowned for being gentle & non followers. This will make your bee keeping much more enjoyable & your neighbours happy!
  • Bees4u queens are bred using a test to make sure they are disease resistant. There’s nothing more heart breaking then disease ridden bees & seeing them destroyed. So re-queen with a healthy new queen.
  • All Bees4u queens are marked for you so finding her in amongst 50,000 workers is easier.
  • All my queens are open mated and raised with great care & love.
  • If you are not happy with your queen I will always replace her on return of original queen, so worry free bee keeping. That is why most of my business is returning customers who know the best queens in the UK come from right here in Kent.
  • All my customers can request printed instructions on how to safely introduce their new queen.


⚠ Queens Now Sold Out ⚠

Lovely bees!

I've kept bees for 40 years and have 2 BBKA certs plus the NDB teachers cert. I'm also a member of the BBKA and the Dover Bee Keepers Group.

Over the years I've bred the best queens from Buckfast Breeder queens from Denmark as I've found these to be so gentle and productive. I test for hygenic behaviour in my own Kent queens that are selected over a 2 year process. I'm fully inspected every year by the regional BDI so I offer you the best of British queens at a very reasonable price.

⚠ Nucs Now Sold Out ⚠


£205 for a 5 frame nuc with correx nuc box included on Hoffman frames & marked over wintered queen.

£199 for 6 frames nuc put into your box on Hoffman frames with marked queen.

£15 deposit. Order early as these sell very quickly every year. Email for order form

All nucs are collection only.